**SOLD OUT** VSA Virtual Retreat August 27-30, 2020

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2020 Vibrational Sound Therapy Retreat

"Restore, Reconnect, and Rejuvenate" 

August 27- August 30, 2020





For 2020 we will be doing something completely new for the VSA - a virtual retreat.  We have decided on a virtual retreat for several reasons, not the least of which is the health and safety of our practitioners, as well as being able to have this reduced-cost option we can offer to our practitioners during this tough year.  Although the retreat will be virtual, we will still have speakers, performances, Q&A's, virtual group sessions, and of course our keynote speaker.  If you are not able to "attend" on the days scheduled, not to worry - everything will be recorded and provided to each retreat attendee so you can watch at your convenience.


We are thrilled to announce that our keynote speaker for 2020 will be the one and only Mike Tamburo.


August 27 and 28th - each day we will have recorded presentations and performances from VSA members as well as special guest Mike Tamburo.  We will have a great mix of speakers covering important topics such as Crafting a Sound Bath, Marketing and Business ideas, Moving Forward with Your Business after Covid, Hospice and Sound Therapy,  Virtual Sound Sessions, and many more.  You will be able to watch these presentations at your own pace from your smartphone or computer and will have access to the recordings to rewatch at any time.

August 29 and 30th - each day we will be holding morning and evening mastermind sessions.  We will provide a list of times and topics for these small groups, and you will choose two mastermind sessions you would like to attend.  These breakout sessions will be groups of 10 hosted by a VSA board member or VSA instructor.   These sessions will be 60-90 minutes long and will enable our VSA members to connect with one other on a personal and professional level.  Our facilitators will lead the small groups through discussions about VSA business, marketing ideas, and other items pertaining to VST brought to the table by the group members.

Late mornings and afternoons on August 29 and August 30, Jeff will be hosting live zoom webinars with the presenters and performers from August 27 and 28.  This will give VSA members a chance to ask questions directly to the presenters and performers about their presentation or performance.  These webinars will also be recorded so you can watch anytime.





$250* per person - this price includes all performances and presentations as well as the group sessions and Q&A, and of course a swag bag!  Send in your business or personal logo no later than August 1 to get a personalized gift in your swag bag.


To reserve your spot you must sign up no later than August 1, 2020.  



All VSA graduates may attend.



Email or call with questions to or 402-875-5280