Strengthening Your Skillset

Course: Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) - Strengthening Your Skillset


Once the basic and more advanced VST techniques have been learned in the first few days of class, we will work further toward strengthening the skillset of the practitioner. We will introduce the gong and its applications during the VST technique. We will also provide instruction for Sound Meditation Concerts and live performance as well as further techniques that can be added to the VST.


Continued objectives:

-Perform an overview of the entire course including the introduction to working with the gongs .

-Give the practitioner hands-on training playing sound concerts and leading group meditations.

-Cover rules and regulations that relate to Vibrational Sound Therapy.  Offer insights into integrating VST into your existing practice or business.

-Provide final practical demonstrations covering the techniques from the basic to advanced techniques including basic gong work

-Upon completion of the six day course and fifteen pro bono sessions, the student is certified by the VSA, and will receive a practitioner certificate enabling them to practice the VST method.