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Student Testimonials and Reviews of our Vibrational Sound Therapy Class with Himalayan Singing Bowls
Please read the below comments and experiences with our courses from certified students. The VSA offers the best certification classes using Sound Therapy and Singing Bowls for relaxation and wellness. Join a workshop today.
I have been doing Sound Therapy for 10 yrs and have studied with several different teachers, all having different techniques in the treatments that they offer. VSA teaches a very effective and simple techniques that do not require large numbers of bowls and was found to be very effective. I would recommend this class to beginners and those who want to add new tools to their toolbar can. My clients have found the sessions to be very effective.
Everitt, A (Yoga Instructor) Austin, TX
I took the 6 day, level 1-4 workshop is Sedona. It truly blew my mind. I anticipated the relaxation I would feel, but certainly not to the extent I did, and I NEVER anticipated the very deep meditative state I found myself in time and again. The entire experience was deep, blissful, and profound. Thank you, Jeff.
Julie F. (LMT) Portland, OR
The VSA sound healing training is in-depth, experiential and educational. The founder, Jeff Howard, is a remarkable instructor offering students science based information that goes hand in hand with the knowledge of using and applying various types of singing and vibrational bowls on and around the body. I would recommend this course to anyone. Weather you are a practitioner or simply enjoy singing bowls, the VSA training is amazing and will serve you well.
Denisa R. (Business Owner) Denver, CO
Vibrational Sound Training intrigued me. Jeff's knowledge and passion is apparent as he presents the material for us to follow as well as support us in expressing our individual work. VST has enhanced the sessions for my clients as well as myself!
Mary F. (LMT) Chicago, IL

This is quite a potent healing and relaxation technique. The training offers a lot of information on the power of frequency and entrainment practices, and you get to observe for yourself, as both a practitioner and a recipient, the gentle realignment that occurs with vibrational sound healing. The specially designed bowls are incredible healing tools. If you're thinking about it, go for it!

I just completed my level four certification at VSM. Top notch instructors. Honest and knowledgeable. I will use what I learned in my massage practice and personal life.
Bryan P. (PHD and Float Tank Business Owner) Sedona, AZ
I really enjoyed the training I received through the Vibrational Sound Association. It has great information and everything we needed (plus more) was provided! I am so excited to start using this work in my career. Thank you so much Jeff Howard!
Heather O. (LMT) Milton, WI
When a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to take this class, I immediately said "I'm in". I'd always been attracted to the singing bowls and the idea of using them for a higher purpose. I had only one small bowl for meditation so I wasn't sure what I was walking into, I just knew I wanted to attend. I'm sooo glad I allowed myself this experience! Our learning environment, structure of the class and our teacher, Jeff Howard was the Best!! Also, each and every person in the room added something to the magic. I'm so greatful for the knowledge and transforming experience of attending this informative, stimulating and Oh So Relaxing workshop. I highly recomend this class to anyone interested. Big love and appreciation
Carrie H. Redondo Beach, CA

I had an awesome time and experience with them. Thank you so much.

Sato K. (Yoga Instructor) Hawaii

Vibrational Sound Therapy Association offers sound healing training and certification through modalities that are based on research based evidence. Unlike other associations out there, VSA owner, Jeff Howard, realizes the importance of teaching practitioners and enthusiasts the science behind why psychoacoustics is effective and educates his classes on debunking myths and misinformation. The modality that VSA uses teaches the intersectionality of ancient spiritual practices and religion with modern day vibrational therapies and practices. What is particularly exceptional about VSA is that it teaches practitioners to offer sound therapy to a very broad demographic, including those in higher education and other so-called mainstream populations because it stresses the data behind why sound is the new medicine. This training is excellent for psychologists, medical practitioners, health educators, mental health advocates, massage therapists, energy workers and anyone who is working with individuals suffering with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and other ailments. I highly recommend Vibrational Sound Association as it will greatly add to your skill set and enhance your ability to work with individuals seeking help for physical and emotional problems.
Makeba R.J. (Public Health Educator) Atlanta, GA
This is a very interesting process. Having been trained and practicing now for over a year I find that I am still in awe of client's reaction to sound and vibrational therapy. At first I would conduct a session just as I was taught. I then started to be more intuitive in my practice sensing my clients reaction as I'm going through the session and adjusting it accordingly. My training was exceptional with VSA. I would recommend and have this modality to anyone interested.
Frank T. (Retired) Chicago, IL

It truly was a blessing to be part of the VSA Sedona June 2016 Training. For 20 years, I have dabbled with Singing Bowls, playing for my own pleasure and healing, and that of family and friends. I wished to delve deeper into the Bowls healing properties. I Googled for a workshop in Phoenix and found VSA and quickly enrolled in the Sedona class. It was pure magic. From the ethereal beauty of Sedona, the energizing crystal filled studio, the gentle souls of my fellow participants, and of course our facilitator and founder of VSA, Jeff Howard. By sharing his extensive knowledge of all aspects of the Singing Bowls, Jeff was an inspiration to us all. Much learning, healing and laughter happened during the training. Beyond my expectations, it expanded my awareness of the beauty and mystery of Singing Bowls.

Sally S. (Teacher) Phoenix, AZ


This course is straightforward but very intense. Expect it to change you!

I have been a massage therapist for 16 years and working with alchemy crystal bowls for over seven years. My journey had started Himalayan metal bowls before that. In this course I got to experience the depth and the power of them. I was truly amazed!

You learn the science behind sound therapy and techniques that can be used by themselves or as an adjunct to other modalities. It has a well put together manual with pictures that are easy to follow. The sound tools are wonderful with a large selection to choose from.

Jeff Howard is a great teacher - down-to-earth and engaging. I feel very honored to now have in my life the beautiful people this course brought together.

Overall, this course goes above and beyond! Don't miss out!

Rita Taylor (LMT) Souix Falls, SD


I found this course because a client of my had purchased a singing bowl that I ended talking her out of. I was so intrigued with the singing bowl I knew I had to learn more. That's when I came across Vibrational Sound Association. I've worked as a massage therapist long enough to know that things don't just come to you for no reason. And when the student is ready the teacher will come. That's when I found Vibrational Sound Association and Jeff Howard.

This course is awesome. I have never felt this relaxed and peaceful after a massage, The bowls take the experience to a whole different level of relaxation. We had an awesome group!!! And for me what I noticed is that things that would normally trigger me weren't after this class. I feel like a different person. And now I can have my clients have the same experience.

A experience you don't want to miss.

Jeff Howard you are the BEST and my HERO!!!!

In Peace, Love and Light,

Chris J. (LMT) Chicago, IL


Hi, I have just returned from Vibrational Sound Association and want to thank you very much for the gift of sound, light, love and soul you gave us all. It was deeply profound. And so many levels of being and then expanding and yet contracting. I experienced new sensations and consciousness. This will be the most profound, useful, expansive sound or any healing course you will ever experience. May your journey be blessed and your heart be full. Namaste
Sergei V. (Yoga Instructor) Calgary, AB Canada
I took the 6 day, level 1-4 workshop is Sedona. It truly blew my mind. I anticipated the relaxation I would feel, but certainly not to the extent I did, and I NEVER anticipated the very deep meditative state I found myself in time and again. The entire experience was deep, blissful, and profound. Thank you, Jeff.
Julie F. (LMT) Portland, OR
The training delivered what it promised. It covered the practical and business aspects of VS. Since I have used quartz crystal bowls and gong for several years both in groups and private sessions, I particularly enjoyed learning about the use of the therapy bowls. When VSA says 'intensive', they mean it. It took me three days to come down from the vibrational high I experienced during the class. For anyone in the holistic field, or for individuals working on their own healing process, I highly recommend it. :-)
Emily S. (Yoga Instructor) Phoenix, AZ
I just completed my level four certification at VSM. Top notch instructors. Honest and knowledgeable. I will use what I learned in my massage practice and personal life.
Connie H (LMT) Emerson, NE
November 2014 I completed the vibrational sound massage course. During the hands-on training I experience sleeping through the night after six years of no sleep due to chronic pain, what a blessing to sleep without morphine pain patches! For the two years I've been working with the Zen Bowls The rheumatoid arthritis In my hands has improved The pain are used to feel my hands is gone, even the knots in my joints are shrinking, my friends can see the difference I must take photos!! it's totally amazing how much has changed and transformed in my life
Deborah W. (Self Employed) Martinsville, OH
Tons of info in a light and fun atmosphere. Would recommend for anyone looking to set themselves apart from the crowd; no matter your practice.
Tegan F. (LMT) Los Angeles CA
My life was changed by taking this course. My love for sound and vibrational healing became more full and rich with in a week. The therapeutic bowls are a must for any sound practitioner. If you are thinking about taking this class do it!!!! Go in with an open heart, and a open mind, and you will receive a lot!!
VJ H. (Sound Therapist) Lincoln, NE

I didn't really know what I was getting into when I took the VSA course. I am a professional Sound Meditation Leader and, luckily, the opportunity caught my attention. Bonding with other students around sound was rewarding in itself. Concentrating on what intentional / sacred sound can do for a week was delicious.

Having hands-on access to four hundred different bowls - styles and materials from around the world, new and old, not so expensive and very expensive - was perhaps the best part for me.

I'd always wanted to try bowls I'd only heard about or seen in photos, and this was my chance. Every day I played bowls, and I had two paradoxical responses: (1) Whew! That saved me some money, I really thought I'd like those _______ bowls. And (2) Ah! Take my money, I really DO like these _______ bowls. There's no better way to shop and learn than to have a whole week to make sounds in a leisurely manner.

If you're into bowls / meditation / sacred sound, this course is a worthy one. It's the best way to bond with the bowls that are meant to be yours, all while learning. -

Preston K. (Musician) Chicago, IL


VSM course was packed with relevant and up to date information on sound, gongs, bells and singing bowls. VSM provides a powerful technique and structured method for the application of singing bowls on the human body. This enables the therapeutic benefits of the Zen singing bowls to be transferred directly to the person receiving the sound vibration massage. My friends, family members, and clients are amazed at how much stress and tension is released from their bodies after just one session.

I AM VERY GRATEFUL I finally have a non-invasive healing and therapeutic gift to share with those who are receptive to improved health and wellness through sound and vibration.

Rochelle, J. (Retired) Minneapolis, MN


It is a good class, and one that shows a lot of potential.

Joeseph W. Rhome, TX