Grounding and Energizing (Section 3)

Course: Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) - Grounding and Energizing


This workshop continues with the hands-on approach to learning the techniques that make up Vibrational Sound Therapy. We further explore the energy fields of the body and learn more advanced techniques with additional bowls. We also cover techniques for grounding and energizing, and use demonstrations to illustrate the effects of these techniques. We will also dive deeper into the practitioner-client relationship, VST and business, and how to incorporate VST into a pre-existing wellness routine. Each day our students gain more practical experience as they continue to both give and receive VST treatments.


Continued objectives:

-Supplying the practitioner with a broader range of techniques and knowledge.

-Teaching the history and practical work with energy fields.

-Providing information regarding the Energy Fields (Aura) of the body.

-Covering grounding and energy building, harmonizing, basic body energy movement, and digestion.

-Including a practical demonstration overview covering the techniques from the basic to more advanced VST techniques covered thus far in the class