VST Certification Course

Overview of the Program

The main goal of the Vibrational Sound® Association (VSA) is to provide a structured modality for sound-based relaxation therapy. In addition to direct instruction on the use of sound tools, we give guidance on interaction and ethics to impart a skill set designed to foster and improve the relationship between the client and the practitioner.

The VSA instructors will guide you through all phases of a typical Vibrational Sound® Therapy (VST) session from initial client consultation, to the session itself, and on through aftercare conversation. You will learn the importance of communication and how to use feedback to get the most out the session for both you and your client. Instruction will be given in both basic and advanced techniques using Himalayan singing bowls, Tingsha chimes, and gongs. The course covers both the practical and business side of providing VST treatments. Your success will rely not only on the quality of the service you provide, but also on the relationship you build with your client.

VST is not meant to diagnose or cure any diseases. Our modality is a method of deep relaxation that can relieve stress and improve emotional well-being. The applied use of sound and intention can be a pathway to the meditative state that is both therapeutic and enjoyable.

The VST training course provides background information on the nature of sound as well as the theories behind sound therapy, the history of singing bowls, and ethical practices. All these subjects are important to understanding your role. The main portion of the learning, however, involves intensive hands-on training on how to use the bowls both on and off the body. In addition, the associated materials and tools will give you the support you need to practice with confidence.