Therapeutic Singing Bowls


Therapeutic singing bowls are bowls designed specifically for Vibrational Sound Therapy and differ in many aspects from traditional Tibetan bowls. The idea behind crafting a refined instrument for both pure tone and strong vibration came after working with thousands of traditional bowls, some of which were originally designed as utensils for eating, vessels for storage and many other purposes. These sometimes very primitive singing bowls of antiquity are truly unique from bowl to bowl. A more precise instrument was needed for a more effective treatment. Creating a bowl for a standardized system required knowledge of both traditional bowls and modern science and engineering.


Therapeutic singing bowls are one of a kind. They are the first “singing bowls” designed as a tool to provide application of vibration directly to the body. In Therapeutic singing bowls the metal mixture is modified to provide an extremely resonant alloy. The notable audible differences between a Therapeutic singing bowl crafted for vibrational sound and a modern Himalayan singing bowl can be found in the subdued volume and the purity of tone of the Therapeutic bowls. Due to the finishing process, the Therapeutic bowls will have a cleaner sound while still having a rich multitude of overtones. The smoothing out of the bowl’s surface removes some of the natural variances that define these overtones, allowing the dominant tone of the bowl to really stand out.

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