About Us


Who is the Vibrational Sound Association (VSA)

The Vibrational Sound Association (VSA) was founded in 2014 by Jeff Howard, who has nearly two decades of experience with singing bowls. Howard has traveled the world learning about sound therapy in many cultures, including Nepal, China, Tibet, India, and Thailand, as well as the United States.

The primary purpose of the VSA is to provide in-depth educational and certification courses to those seeking to become practitioners of sound therapy. The VSA hosts numerous classes in cities across the United States every year, administering both classroom and hands-on instruction for sound therapy students. Some classes also may qualify as continuing education hours for massage therapists through NCBTMB.

The intensive classes teach students via direct instruction on the use of sound tools, with guidance and interaction from experienced instructors. The classes include background on the science of the effects of stress and the benefits of sound therapy, extensive information about the many different kinds of singing bowls and their different uses, and guidance on interaction with clients, as well as business, ethics, and marketing. Students are guided through all phases of a typical on the body sound work session, from the initial consultation phase through the session itself and aftercare.

The secular courses don’t require any spiritual or religious background from students, instead these courses rely on proven physiological and scientific methods regarding the utilization of sound and vibration to achieve a deepened state of relaxation. The VSA seeks to further the use of ancient tools in a professional, modern, and structured modality that is an efficient means of relaxation and therapy.

In addition to the educational and certification components of the association, the VSA seeks to provide professional advocacy for Vibrational Sound Therapy practitioners worldwide, as well as to foster peer support between practitioners.

The VSA updates its members on current news concerning the sound therapy industry, offers continuing education courses, and plans educational retreats for practitioners to learn new information from VSA instructors and other practitioners. The VSA is also continuously seeking ways to promote the individual businesses of sound therapy practitioners through various marketing channels.

As sound therapy continuously becomes more mainstream and the number of practitioners continues to grow every year, the role of the VSA will continue to evolve. The VSA will continuously update educational materials, serve as a support center for practitioners by adapting to changes within the industry, and help practitioners to do the same.