Introduction (Section 1)

Course: Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) - Introduction

This workshop is designed to immerse the student in the science and theories behind how Vibrational Sound Therapy works. We will start off by building a strong knowledge base which gives our students the confidence to master the techniques used to provide Vibrational Sound Therapy. This course kicks off with information about the bowls, sound and sound therapy, and the basics of the VST technique. We will also discuss how to select a bowl and the proper tools to go with it as well as the care and cleaning of those bowls and tools. This section also introduces you to the Measured Strike Technique, gets you up close and personal with each Zen bowl, covers ethics, HIPAA, and informed consent, and how to stage your area for the most rewarding and relaxing treatment. Each student will have their first hands-on training, with each student both giving and receiving a VST treatment.


Objectives of the Introduction section of this course:

-To provide background knowledge about the use of sound and Vibrational Sound Therapy.

-To provide the history of sound therapy and the use of singing bowls to strengthen the knowledge base of the practitioner. The history of Himalayan singing bowls is discussed, including information on the differences between traditional Himalayan singing bowls and modern Therapeutic singing bowls.

-To cover standards of ethics and HIPAA as well as informed consent

-To provide practical demonstrations in the physics of sound and the basic Vibrational Sound Therapy session.

-To offer demonstrations and hands-on instruction for using therapeutic singing bowls in the basic VST session.