$2500 Donation to the Vibrational Sound Association

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For the month of June 2019 all donations will go to the Mass Min Nath Adarsha Shikchya Sadan School in Nepal to help to rebuild facilities and buy computers for the students to use.

The Vibrational Sound Association is an organization providing education, research, and musical sound instruments to communities all over the USA.  Our main goal is education using gental sounds of instruments such as singing bowls on and around the body as a relaxation therapy.  This has been a complete success for us providing 1000's of sessions with clients by our certified VSA graduates over the last year. The world is slowly getting more relaxed and less stressed thanks to the VSA.

We have a goal for 2019 to provide scholarships so even those who do not have the means to attend the training are still able to attend.  Our continued mission is to increase the science and research of sound on the body and to be able to provide schools and children with sound instruments.  According to IRS rules donations are not tax deductible.