VSM Level 3

Course: VST Level 3

This workshop continues with the hands-on approach to learning the techniques that make up the VST. Further exploration is done on the energy fields of the body, the chakra system, and advanced techniques with additional bowls. Techniques for grounding and energizing are covered at this level and demonstrations are used to illustrate the effects of these techniques. In this section, new information is introduced regarding the practitioner-client relationship, VST and business, and how to incorporate VST into a pre-existing wellness routine. Continued practical experience is provided as the skills of the VST session are put to use each day.

 The third level:

-Is a continuation of the first two courses giving the practitioner a broader range of techniques and knowledge.

-Teaches the history and practical work with energy fields.

-Provides information regarding the energy fields (Aura) of the body. The chakras are discussed in-depth with a focus on the VST modality.

-Covers grounding and energy building, harmonizing, basic body energy movement, and digestion.

-Includes practical demonstration overview covering the techniques from the basic sound therapy from level 1 and 2 with the addition of the advanced techniques from this level.

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