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Who is the Vibrational Sound Association (VSA)

Founded by Jeff Howard with over a decade of experience with singing bowls and traveling the world learning about sound therapy in many cultures including Tibet, Nepal, India, Thailand, USA, and China. Jeff created the Vibrational Sound Association(VSA) to offer the first ever professional training with singing bowls that is now used in Spas, Hospitals, Massage Therapy Clinics, Reiki Practices and many other organizations, The VSA is dedicated to the continued evolution of the Vibrational Sound Massage(VSM) modality. VSM is a method of professionally using singing bowls and other instruments on and around the body for therapy and relaxation. The VSA seeks to further the use of these ancient tools in a professional modern and structured modality that is an efficient relaxation and therapy system. VSM is the only "professional" singing bowl therapy course available today. This is a secular course with no need for any specific spiritual or religious beliefs and relies on proven methods of using sound and vibration for therapy.