In Person Class FAQs

Q.  What COVID precautions will be taken for class?

A.  All VST instructors have been fully vaccinated.  All students for our in-person classes must either provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test within 3 days of the start of class.  If you test positive within 3 days of the first day of class, you can either reschedule for a future class or receive a refund. All classes will abide by local Directed Health Measures.


Q.  How long is the class?

A.  The in-person class is six days. 


Q.  What time does the class start and end?

A.  The classroom will be open from 9:00am - 5:30pm daily.  Class starts at 9:30, but please arrive well before the 9:30am start time.  Class will end at 5:00 pm on the first five days of class.  We will end a little early (typically around 3:00 pm) on the last day so those who traveled for class can make it home that day.



Q.  How big are the classes?

 A.  Typically our in-person classes will be between 12-18 people.  We like to keep our classes small so everyone can get the most personal training and assistance possible.



Q.  What do I need for class?

A.  We will provide everything you need including the bowls, massage tables, manual, and even pens for taking notes.  Just dress comfortably and bring a notebook.


Q.  Can I bring my phone to class?

A.  You can bring your phone to class for photos before and after class, but during class we request your phones remain off and silent.


Q.  What if I can't make it to every day of the class?

A.  If you are not able to attend every day of class from 9:00am - 5:00pm, please wait and take the class when you are able to attend all days.  You will not be able to graduate if you miss more than a total of two hours of class in those six days. If something unexpected comes up during class please let the instructor know and we will figure out the best plan forward.


Q.  Is a hotel sleeping room included with the cost of the in person class?

A.  You will need to book your own sleeping room, that cost is not included.  Many hotels give us a group rate for our students. 


Q. Are meals included?

A.  Meals are not included.  Please bring your own lunch, or join classmates in getting lunch nearby. Most hotels have dining options onsite and if not we always do our best to book a hotel with food within walking distance.


Q.  What bowls are included with class?

A.  The bowls included are ZT900($235), ZT1300h($340), ZT2000($525) and ZT300t2($80)


Q.  How do I become certified?

A.  To become certified, you must complete the entire six day course, pass the final exam, and complete 15 pro bono sessions.  You will turn in the completed pro bono forms to the home office to be processed.  Once the pro bono sessions are processed, you will receive your certification in the mail and can be added to our directory as a Certified VST Practitioner.


Q.  Can I get continuing education credits for this class?

A.  Yes, the VSA is accredited through the NCBTMB, so if you are a massage therapist you will receive 42 CEUs for completing this class.