VSM Level 2

Course: VST Level 2

This course will seek to broaden the applications learned in the first workshop, while introducing a host of further topics that will both help educate the practitioner and provide even more services and techniques to the client. The expanded techniques covered in this class combined with the information from the previous class will provide the practitioner with an arsenal of useful knowledge. This knowledge can be used to accommodate most situations that arise during the VST session. The hands-on practice of the VST techniques is strengthened by additional demonstrations that illustrate the effectiveness of the modality as a whole. Each practitioner will give and receive a VST session and the discussion period after will provide unique feedback and enhance the experience.


-The second level is a continuation of the first course giving the practitioner further in-depth knowledge of using the Therapeutic bowls in a healing modality.

-Level 2 adds many further techniques to the Basic technique that expand and fortify the skill set of the practitioner.

-Covers advanced placement of bowls on the body, assignment of bowls to more locations, and extended use of tools and techniques.

-Includes practical demonstrations covering the techniques from the basic sound therapy from level 1 with the addition of the advanced techniques from this level.