Practitioner Spotlight: Betty Gauthier

Posted by Davis on 19th Apr 2019

Practitioner Spotlight: Betty Gauthier

Practitioner Spotlight: Betty Gauthier

Business Name: Gentle Earth Sound Therapy and Holistic Wellness
Facebook: @gentleearthsoundtherapy
Instagram: @gentleearthsoundtherapy
Twitter: @gentleearthst
Phone: 517-927-4866

Sound therapy, at least in the eyes of Betty Gauthier, is more than just a modality of achieving deep relaxation. For Betty, there's a ripple effect. "I find that people are just genuinely happy; dare I say it, even joyful after (a VST session)," she explained. "It is my belief that this forms a ripple effect and reaches out to those who they encounter next throughout the day."

Betty uses continuing education, client sessions, workshops and events to provide a platform for holistic wellness conversation to begin and continue in her community. She works with local cancer support and animal rescue groups in Lansing MI where she practices, and collaborates with art therapists and a local non-profit organization that benefits children healing from trauma.

Betty took the Chicago class last year, and immediately added VST to her other services: sound bath meditation, Guided Vipassana Meditation, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki for humans and animals, VST for animals, and Shinrin-Yoku Guided Walks.

Her wellness journey began in 1999 when a colleague introduced her to the art of Tai Chi. "It was a beginning love affair that led me to experience a deep connection of body, mind, and spirit," she explained. "(It) would ultimately be my compass while navigating significant life changes like trauma, depression, and cancer."

Talk to another VSA certified practitioner if interested in this modality, she suggests to those curious. "Are you feeling deeply called to share this journey with others?" Betty said.


{ This was the final post in a five-part series about Betty Gauthier of Lansing MI. Practitioner Spotlights are a regular weekly feature on the Vibrational Sound Association Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. }