Practitioner Spotlight: Jesse Spallina

Posted by Davis on 21st Mar 2019

Practitioner Spotlight: Jesse Spallina

Jesse Spallina


Business Name: 432
Facebook: 432 Chico
Instagram: @432Chico
Phone: 530-774-5951

Jesse Spallina's studio 432 was slated to open on November 11, 2018, but wildfires forced him to evacuate his home, and the studio then became home to Spallina and displaced friends and family.

Soon after, Jesse offered a free sound therapy session to local healer Emiliano. After the session, Emiliano took Jesse under his wing and became somewhat of a mentor for him in getting his sound baths dialed in. Now that he's off the ground and running, celebrating his grand opening during the month of February, Jesse wants to give back to Chico, CA and the surrounding area to relieve the trauma the wildfires inflicted on the entire county.

Jesse became certified during a VSA class in Boseman, MT in April 2018. His advice for anyone considering certification is "Go for it. If it has been calling you and you think that it might be for you, it probably is." His favorite part of the training was getting to see and feel the power of vibration through practice. He provides weekly sound baths and one-on-one sessions at the 432 studio.

Sound therapy found Jesse, not vice versa. "I knew I was drawn to the sound of bowls and I decided to take it to the next level and become certified."

Thank you to Jesse Spallina for showing us into his new studio and sharing his story with us, encouraging others to take the leap into the rewarding world of sound therapy.

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