Practitioner Spotlight: Rob Meyer-Kukan

Posted by Davis on 21st Mar 2019

Practitioner Spotlight: Rob Meyer-Kukan

Rob Meyer-Kukan

Healthy Musician Institute

Facebook: Rob Meyer Kukan LMT
Instagram: Rob Meyer Kukan LMT
Twitter: @robmeyerkukan
Phone: 248-962-5475

Rob Meyer-Kukan was a fan of singing bowls and handbells, which drew him to sound therapy. Having enjoyed the technique with a sustained sound, he was intrigued when he saw a VSA class advertised on Facebook. He signed up for the Chicago class in July of last year, having never had a VST session.

Rob loved the welcoming feeling in the class, and admired his instructors Beth and Karen, who provided him with "amazing instruction" as well as the materials for the class. He found a sense of calm through the sessions he received in class, which was something he needed after losing his mother the prior month.

Serving the Ann Arbor area in southeast Michigan, as well as parts of northeast Ohio, Rob provides VST, massage therapy, reiki, aromatherapy, group sound baths and meditations. He's also a private instructor for music lessons.

Rob's volunteer work is vast, contributing to a meditation and singing bowl mini-retreat with a local studio, where all donations for the sessions are then given to a designated charity in Ann Arbor. He also offers monthly Facebook Live meditations, and partners with the humane society and other charities to help raise funds. He's also started a series of "centering retreats" at his home church.

Rob vowed to share VST with as many people as he could during the first day of his class, and he has stayed true to that vow! Thank you, Rob, for sharing your passion for VST with the world.


{ This is the final post in a five-part series about Rob Meyer-Kukan of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Practitioner Spotlights are a regular weekly feature on the Vibrational Sound Association Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. Meyer-Kukan is the sixth featured practitioner. }