Practitioner Spotlight: Rebecca Price

Posted by Davis on 19th Apr 2019

Practitioner Spotlight: Rebecca Price

Practitioner Spotlight: Rebecca Price

Business Name: Rooted in Spirit
Facebook: Rooted in Spirit: Five Spirit Reiki
Instagram: @iamrootedinspirit
Phone: 858-334-9504

Rebecca Price's background in nursing gives her a rather unique perspective on VST. "I have a healthcare background and I truly believe that VST will be a mainstream adjunct pain control therapy one day," she said. "Meanwhile, it's available to all and I am so grateful to add this therapeutic modality to my practice."

Blending VST with Reiki gives Rebecca great feedback from clients, and she remains amazed by what she calls the "sheer brilliance" of the therapy bowls. "To me, it feels as if the resonance and vibration the bowls produce have an intelligence and consciousness of their own. Every client has a deeply relaxing experience, and many even deeper spiritual or soul-level responses to the sessions."

Rebecca's practice serves the San Diego area with energy healing, reiki and VST, and she enjoys providing free sessions at health and spiritual healing fairs. She's looking in to the possibility of assisting in research on VST at a local university, and hopes to help out at a local large animal sanctuary in the future.

She loves having added VST as a modality to her practice to help her clients reach a deeper meditative state and help their innate wisdom access the self-healer within them.

In this photo, Rebecca said she has been hosting small groups of women for networking and mini sessions combining high vibrational facials with VST. "Don’t worry guys we are coming up with an offering for you involving Shungite beard oil!" she added.

Thank you, Rebecca, for telling us all about you and your practice! We appreciate your unique take on VST!


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