Practitioner Spotlight: Aeriol Ascher

Posted by Davis on 21st Mar 2019

Practitioner Spotlight: Aeriol Ascher

Aeriol Ascher

Soma Sound Therapy

Facebook: Soma Sound Therapy
Instagram: Ask Aeriol
Websites: Soma Sound Therapy; Aeriol Ascher
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin/com/in/aeriolascher
Phone: 408-886-7007

Aeriol Ascher has been a practicing intuitive healing practitioner and metaphysical teacher for nearly 30 years, and recently just added vibrational sound therapy to her list of services. Her signature 'Reiki Angel Massage' was voted Best in Silicon Valley four separate times.

A business coach for healing practitioners, Aeriol really feels as though sound therapy is the bridge for her between her holistic healing practice and her voice and presence coaching for speakers. She's currently teaching yogis and massage therapists locally in San Jose CA, in addition to her podcast 'Healing Mind Body and Soul With Aeriol'.

Here's the link to that podcast:

She encourages her colleagues in VST to reach out to be featured on the podcast, and looks forward to connecting with more practitioners.

Aeriol suggests finding what demographic you really want to serve with VST, then figure out how it will benefit that particular demographic.

Thank you, Aeriol, for sharing yourself with us!


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