Practitioner Spotlight: Lauren Porchia

Posted by Davis on 21st Mar 2019

Practitioner Spotlight: Lauren Porchia

Lauren Porchia

Kemetic Fitness and Wellness LLC

Facebook: Kemetic Fitness and Wellness
Instagram: kemetic_fitness_and_wellness
Phone: 912-349-9755

We've enjoyed getting to know a little more about Lauren Porchia of Kemetic Fitness and Wellness in Charleston SC, and hope you have too.

Lauren took our February 2018 course in Atlanta and has been doing VST ever since, adding it to her other services: yoga, kemetic reiki, detox therapy, and vaginal steaming.

She first came to VST through a session performed on her. "I fell in love immediately and became certified a couple months later," she explained. "VST is my favorite service to offer."

Her favorite part of taking our class was the connection she made with a diverse group of people in her class in Atlanta. She encourages others to seek out the field of VST, and tells people considering a session to "be ready to receive the best relaxation experience ever!"

Lauren hosts a relaxation tour where she travels to various cities to offer VST as a service. Through her non-profit she plans to integrate VST into family events and community health seminars.

The best way to schedule a session with Lauren is call or text her number listed below, email, or DM her on social media.

Thank you, Lauren, for being our Featured Practitioner this week. We've enjoyed getting to know you.

{ This is the final post in a five-part series about Lauren Porchia of Charleston SC. Practitioner Spotlights are a regular weekly feature on the Vibrational Sound Association Facebook and Instagram social media accounts. Porchia is the fifth featured practitioner. To be featured, email for more information. Follow us to learn more about vibrational sound therapy through the practitioners featured. }